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Assessment Via Smartphone

What does it consist of?

The Assessment Via Smartphone has a total duration of 15 days, and consists of:

1. Preliminary survey with questions about stress, emotional regulation and healthy living habits. You will already have responded this survey right after giving your consent to participating in the Assessment Via Smartphone at the end of the online Survey on Mental Health.

2. Inicial and final survey with questions about depression, anxiety and wellbeing, which you will have to answer at some point of the first and last day of the Assessment Via Smartphone.
3. Short questions four times a day: morning, midday, afternoon and night. You will be regarding sleep quality, alcohol consumption, daily stress, emotional state, social interactions, stressful events, suicidal thoughts. You will receive a notification whenever you have to answer a survey. The notifications will appear randomly within 4 slots:morning (08.00-10.00h), midday (12.00-14.00h), afternoon (16.00-18.00h) and night (20.00-22.00h).
Important! You must respond as soon as you can when you receive the notification, because you will no longer be able to reply 2h after receiving the notification.

Why is it important?

This thorough evaluation will allow us to know how daily stress affects the mental health of university students. This evaluation of a more exhaustive-intensive nature will allow us to know how daily stress affects the mental health of university students. Some questions are asked several times a day, because stress and our emotional response to stress can vary in short periods of time.

The results of this study will make it possible to design more precise strategies for the prevention and promotion of mental health of university students.

Who can participate?

All undergraduate students who have attended the online mental health questionnaire at the beginning of the study may participate and have given their consent to participate in the Mobile Via Evaluation.

To participate in the online questionnaire on mental health you must be a graduate student, be over 18 years old and study at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB), Jaume I University (UJI), Miguel Herández University (UMH), Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) or the University of Zaragoza (Unizar).

How do I use the ExpiWell app?

How to answer surveys

Once you are already registered in the app, you will receive notifications whenever there is a survey to reply.

You can also respond by entering the quiz that appears as available.